NY Waterway Shuttle Routes and Stops

NY Waterway FREE buses follow the most popular routes around the city 7 days a week which include 57th Street, 49th Street, 42nd Street, and 34th Street, as well as a special weekend route to Greenwich Village and Chelsea Vicinity.

This FREE shuttle buses stop at all NYC bus stops along these routes. All you have to do is wave them down when standing at a bus stop and then just sit back as their comfortable bus transports you directly to us!

See detailed bus times below, as well as real-time bus locations!


Battery Park Bus Stops

Pier 78, Battery Place and West St.

Battery Park Shuttle is a limited access shuttle. Due to demand, this shuttle can only be used to get you to and from Pier 78.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The NY Waterway shuttles provided are not affiliated with Big City Tourism. They function solely as a transportation service and not as guided tours. Please be aware that delays due to traffic may result in missing scheduled boat tours, for which we cannot assume responsibility. Limited parking is available at the port; therefore, we strongly recommend utilizing ride-share services or the shuttle for convenient access.


Real-time bus locations

(click route name for bus map)