President & Founder

Kareem is a born-and-bred New Yorker with an affinity for the city that he grew up in. As a resident of the Lower East Side, Kareem sees tourism as a way to uplift people in communities throughout NYC and it's surrounding boroughs. His early vision of showcasing New York through knowledgeable passionate locals is the foundation which Big City Tourism is built upon. Kareem's goal has always been to present New York and all it's hidden gems in the most authentic and fun way possible. After years of observing NYC tourism up-close, Kareem set in motion a model based on greeting tourists with transparency and accountability. Working closely with the top tours and attractions, Kareem's formula immediately paid off. The missing element of creating secure Point-of-Sales locations came next and Big City Tourism was born.

Kareem's bright smile can be seen from a mile away, so don't hesitate to approach and say hello when in the neighborhood.


Teddy is the glue that holds Big City Tourism together. An expert in Business Management, Teddy oversees the daily operations and strategic planning at Big City Tourism. From Investor deals, to maximizing revenue streams, to choosing our technology partners, Teddy is involved in tying all opportunities together under the Big City Tourism umbrella. Teddy is most passionate about
empowering people to reach their ultimate potential. He takes tremendous pride in providing those around him with the necessary tools and atmosphere to prosper. In addition to a tireless work ethic Teddy's calm demeanour keeps the Big CityTourism team moving in the right direction at all times. 

When he's not traveling the world, Teddy can be found talking about his favorite cuisines. Ask him about the Wazwan from Kashmir.


VP of Operations

Brock knows the ebbs and flows of tourists moving around NYC better than anyone else. Where they are going, which streets they are using and the time of day they will be there. Brock has been studying tourist behavior for 15+ years and knows how to ensure each guest, local, domestic or international, is receiving the appropriate experiences. These answers all come naturally and are a key component of the Big City Tourism Ticket Agent Team. Brock's initiatives include requiring all Big City Tourism Ticket Agents to have a valid ticket selling license, wearing a recognizable uniform, training classes and teaching valuable life-skills. His knowledge and experience have brought hundreds of thousands of tourists to Tours & Attractions throughout NYC making him a sought after commodity in the tourism world .

Give him the Wu-Tang Clan Hand Symbol and he'll tell you a great story from his past life.


VP Business Development

Jeffrey has been active in NYC Tourism since 2006. He launched Minicards and has maintained strong industry relationships for 16+ years. Jeffrey's connections run deep and meeting the Big City Team opened his eyes to a component that many in the tourism world were missing. After bringing together Big City Tourism with some of the major tours and attractions, it was evident that Big City Tourism had solutions that many in the industry weren't able to implement. Upon seeing early results, Jeffrey
continued to develop industry relationships and added I Love NY Gifts as a valuable Point-of-Sale partner. The focus has been to surround Big City Tourism with the best partners in NYC Tourism and allow them to flourish together. 

When Jeffrey is not running around ragged, he's practicing to be a world-class Pickleball player.